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On the Farm ......

We have been extremely busy on the farm, moving and tending to stock grazing throughout the county as part of Conservation Grazing Programme. We have recently extended the number of sites that we graze, these now include land at Loose and also Harrietsham.

We are currently hay making in preparation for winter and carrying out a lot of stock husbandry - shearing and worming sheep and tending to cattle.

New arrivals and departures ......

This period on the farm has seen several new addition, both via our breeding programme and also from external sources.

Below is the last of our 2019 calves to be born. The Duke of Balmoral is back with the girls ready to produce our 2020 calves in the Spring.

White Park

The Farm also gained a further 6 White Park heifers, from Guy Middleton at Chirk Castle.

Light Sussex Chicken

Silver Laced Bantham

Speckled Sussex



Muscovey Duck

We also continue to move older stock on to new homes advertising via Preloved and via word of mouth.

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