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The Full Story 

Roundoak Farm

Roundoak and Kings Oak Farms continue to broaden their rare breed population.  We now have a thriving herd of White Park Cattle that came from Chirk castle in North Wales; these heifers were joint by a pedigree bull called 'Wentworth'.   Through the farms connection with the Rare Breed Survival Trust we also run endangered Vaynol cattle from the borders of Scotland.  The Vaynol cattle breed is closely linked to the White Park  breed.

The farm continues to have a more commercial herd of Sussex cattle, with a pedigree bull that was acquired from the Mayfield herd of pedigree Sussex cattle.  ‘The Captain’ arrived, in 2017, at Roundoak after winning 1st prize at the Edenbridge and Oxted Show in the same year.  In May 2018, the first Sussex calves were born and he continues to serve the heifers.

In 2020, we purchased six Irish Moiled cattle, which are also on the endangered list.  

They were joined by another 4 heifers making a total of 10.  We have now acquired a bull called 'Evan' to serve the heifers breeding programs starting this year 2023, with his introduction we hope to see the calves toward the end of the year.  Evan's background is famous as he come from King Charles herd at Dumfries House in Scotland.  Roundoak has a close connection with Dumfries House as it does with Balmoral Castle.

The farms also have other very rare sheep breeds called Borerays and North Ronaldsays and recently joined by Manx Loughtons and Black Welsh mountain.

The farm still have a growing flock of Hebrideans.  

It is hoped the introduction of these extremely endangered breeds will gather public awareness, especially if they are seen around the South East conservation grazing. Both Roundoak and Kings Oak are hoping to get the Rare Breeds Survival Trust accreditation in the near future and it is proposed to build a visitors and education center in 2023 subject to the usual planning consents.


Our  Story Continued...

Conservation grazing remains an important part of Roundoak and Kings Oak.  The farms graze a number of sites throughout Kent. Ashford Community Woodland Local Nature Reserve for Ashford Borough Council; The Yalding Fens for the Medway Valley Conservation Trust and private land at East Malling and West Farleigh.  The conservation grazing is shared between all the rare breed cattle and sheep, all of which have similar grazing qualities.

The farm still has a number of rare breed pigs including 2 Oxford rare blacks, free-range chickens, geese and guinea fowl that can be found roaming around the farm freely.

Roundoak and Kings Oak farms continue to grow with tourism and functions, including camping, functions and weddings receptions and new to 2023 we have obtained a licence to hold Wedding Ceremonies and civil partnerships on site.   

Kings Oak has a established caravan and camping site.  Planning permission was approved for a new dwelling meaning that the farm has some one on site permanently for the welfare of the animals.  It is hoped that the farm will get support for its newest project, which is a to create a visitor and educational center. 

The Yard Bar is becoming more popular as are the specialist events including the annual Beer and Gin Festivals and Secret Suppers.  Roundoak Events have already hosted a number of weddings and specialist parties and it is a side to our business that we see growth.  

So we are in 2023 having survived the unpleasant covid years and the farm functions and visitors are just about getting back to normality.

Roundoak and Kings Oak farms are a unique concept, we take what we do very seriously.  We are not a fun park for the children.  We are not open generally to the public although, we have very successful open days and with notice, we are happy to arrange a guided tour of the farm and the animals.

For update information for open days and events please email us on and we will add you to our list of friends of Roundoak and Kings Oak farm newsletter.




Our Favourite Pics!

Thanks to Phil Ogden for capturing them!
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