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Mixing with Royalty!

Roundoak in particular, Norman and Ruth Coles were guests at The Duke of Westminster Estate in Chester.

Roundoak and Kings Oak rare breeds farms are home to one of the rarest forms of cattle in the world. Vanynols are an ancient English breed with less than 50 beasts alive, the Duke of Westminster and King Charles with their conservation connections, are interested in promoting the breed.

There are only 6 breeders in the world and all breeders are based in the UK. All breeders were invited to the Estate organised by Ruth Dalton, formerly of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust who is now engaged in the important role in connection with the genetics of the Vanynol breed.

Our current Vanynol bull comes from the King’s Estate at Dumfries House, and we are told he has already produced a valuable male stud to secure the breed's future.

Both Roundoak and Kings Oak farms would like to thank the staff and hospitality of the Estate and in recognition of the invaluable work that Ruth Dalton is doing to sustain the breed. 

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