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Meet Molly

Norman and Ruth have a new little addition to the farm.

Molly is a working cocker spaniel, from Tony and Jean at, Doddington.

Molly is now 10 Weeks old, there is a history in the relationship with Roundoak and Twany HIll Kennels. Norman and Ruth bought their first working Cocker spaniel Jenny from the breeders many years ago and since have breed five generations. The dogs have either now passed or very old, and we cannot be without our working cocker spaniels.

Molly joins, Scruff and our collie, Ben they all have settled in well.

If anyone is interested Tawny Hill Kennels do have some puppies for sale. They can be contacted via the link provided.

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1 Comment

So happy that Molly is now part of the Roundoak family!

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