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Life on the Farm - Oct 2020



For us at the farm lockdown is in many ways easier for us as we have plenty of space and caring for our livestock it has to be business as usual. Indeed on the Farm it is our busiest time of the year with lambing, calving and groundcare.

We are pleased to announce several of our new arrivals ...

Unfortunately as some of our facebook followers may have been aware, unfortunately one of our Highland Cows had a very sad accident and got itself caught in a ring feeder. It is with great regret that despite nursing her round the clock for over a week following the incident, the damage to her hips was so great that she not only lost the twins that she was carrying but she too passed away last week.

This is very hard for us, particularly as we have had so little support from the local parish councils of Ulcombe and East Sutton when requesting permission for a dwelling on site so that we could oversee the livestock at Kings Oak, the council insisted that it was not necessary. As a consequence we lost the cow and calves above and also a further calf at the weekend, all of which may have been avoided had we had the Farm Manager based on site. We have now, after much fighting have obtained permission for a temporary dwelling on site which we hope will be ready shortly but this is no thanks to the local parishes.

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