north ronaldsay sheep arrive at roundoak

One of UKs most endangered breed is the North Ronaldsay.  There are only some 300 left in the UK.  Roundoak have acquired a small flock of 10 ewes and a ram to commence a specialist breeding program to build the numbers up. 

Roundoak is already home to over 500 Hebridean sheep and in excess of 70 Highland cows.  When Roundoak started breeding the Hebrideans they were also on the endangered list.  According to the Rare breed society they are now odd the endangered list. 

The farm started with 16 Hebridean ewes and a ram about 8 years ago and we now have one of the largest flocks of Hebridean sheep in the UK.  The farm supplies the lamb to many fine restaurants and eating establishments.  We also have many visitors to the farm that purchase the meat.  The Hebridean lamb has many qualities it is lean and low in cholesterol similar to that of the North Ronalsays. 

It is hoped the new Roundoak North Ronaldsay flock will florish and assist the farm with its conservation grazing program.  Hopefully numbers will build up and the breed will not be lost forever. 

For more information please go to call 01622 844491. Roundoak welcomes guests by prior appointment.  The farm will also be opening the gates on 8 June 2014 for Open Farm Sunday where the North Ronaldsays will be on show.