roundoak highland cattle

Back in 2008 we introduced the Highland Cattle to the farm.  The first two cows arrived - Una and Ailieag, a further four cows arrived a year later (Morag,Iallar, Bheadsach and Katriona) and two more in March 2010.  The breeding program has followed that of the Hebridean sheep.  Currently stock levels approx 130 beasts including bulls, cows and calves in 2008 we introduced the Highland cattle 

A little history, back in July of 2010 Kier arrived at Roundoak. He was a magnificent beast fully registered.  Our cows Una and Ailieag (the first cows) along with Morag, Iallar, Bheadsach and Katriona all calved in the Spring of 2011.

In 2011 we completed our first breeding programme with the Highland cows. Calves were born around the spring. We had six calves in all five of which were fit and well, but unfortunately we lost one.  During 2011 there was a major expansion with regard to the highland cattle at Roundoak as in the Summer of that year we acquired most of the Frith Manor Farm fold at Lingfield.  Frith Manor were a well established breeders of Pedigree Highland Cows but due to other business commitments the fold was being sold and Roundoak acquired almost all of the cows from Frith Manor fold. 

Kier was joined on site by Sam who also came from Frith Manor Farm and joined the rest of the fold in late 2011.

In 2014 the farm was sad to loose Kier mainly due to old age.  He was replaced in Autumn 2014 by Victor of Earn, he was sourced with the help of Dochy Ormiston who is the farm manager at the Queens estate in Balmoral near Ballater, Scotland.  Norman and Ruth were introduced to Mr Ormiston whilst on one of their many trips to Braemar in the Highlands of Scottland.  We were told about Victor and his suitability for our purposes and he was picked up and brought down to Kent to join the Roundoak fold.   

Both Sam and Victor retired, and with our connection with Blamoral and Mr. Ormiston, the Queen's Farm Manager we purchased a young 18 month old bull, from he Balmoral Estate at the end of 2016.  'The Duke of Balmoral' was introduced to the fold in the Spring of 2017, and in recent years has been joined by 'The Prince of Balmoral'.   

Our Highland cattle are often retired to private individuals, and 'Una', one of our first Highland Cows is still alive and living in County Durham.

We supply a number of local butchers, restaurants and individuals with the superb highland beef.  We also have supplied stock to several individuals.