roundoak hebridean sheep

The Hebridean breed of sheep are very hardy from whence they came The Hebridean Isles off the shores of Western Scotland. They have a good degree of resistance to worms and foot rot, there thick coats give them the ability to live out in all weathers. They are excellent mothers sticking with their lambs which normally get up and suckle within minutes.
In the use of lambing scores Hebrideans score every time! (see table below) 

Lambing Score
Lambing Ease
Minor Help
No Assistance
Mothering Ability
Leaves Lambs
Stand Well Back
Follows Whatever
Lamb Vigour
Has To Be Suckled
Slow To Suck
Suckles Rapidly
We watched other local sheep farmers who produced obese lambs who needed constant attention and interference having to lamb indoors and the farmers themselves having numerous sleepless nights. We realise with our Hebrideans we were onto something good. They are low maintenance sheep or as some call them 'easy care' sheep. Key features to 'easy care' sheep is having good, caring ewes who are good mothers but to a degree look after themselves. During lambing although they do need supervision Hebridean ewes needed the minimum of assistance and generally lamb unassisted.
The Hebridean flock stands in excess of 500 Ewes, Rams and Lambs.  This is probably one of the largest flocks of Hebridean sheep in the UK.  
Hebridean X Beltex
Roundoak this year, experimented by crossing the Hebridean ewes with a Beltex ram - the result was suprising!  Real stocky, well proportioned rams, completely white with no horns being mothered by the Hebrideans, who are one of the most caring and protective breeds of sheep.