Beltex Ram

2016 has also seen the introduction of a Beltex Ram to enhance our new breeding regime.  It is our intention to cross the Beltex with a number of Hebridean ewes, to increase the meat production   It is hoped that the superior quality of the Hebridean meat, together with the size of Beltex carcass, will result in a better weight of sheep.

The Hebrideans lambed the offspring of the Beltex ram, and we were shocked and suprised at the result.  The Hebrideans lambed unassisted to produce well proportioned stocky lambs, who have put on good weight in the Spring of this year.  The mothers are black,  the lambs are pure white with no horns.  This experiment has been a mighty success.   The Hebrideans' characteristics of being brilliant mothers and lambing unassisted made lambing a joy in 2017.